Bonding Wires & Ribbons

GLC Alloys is a major supplier of bonding wires and ribbons for semiconductor technologies and power systems. We can supply a wide range of bonding wires to match your requirements.
All wires start life as either high purity metals or homogenous doped metals. Precise adjustments of the source material means we can supply wires with great control over breaking loads and elongation. 

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Ultra Fine

Supplied in diameters from 15µm to 500µm


High Purity

All our wires are drawn from the high purity material



Excellent de-spooling behaviour and clean wire surfaces



Highest reliability in bonding and loop formation


Gold Bonding Wires

We offer a wide variety of ball, wedge and stud bonding wires. Available in a range of purities. All our Gold alloy bonding wires are corrosion resistant and have a homogeneous chemical composition and stable mechanical properties.

Ball Bonding Gold Wires We offer a range of bonding wires to suit your requirements, sorted into three major classifications, we can supply the right wire for any ball bond application. These major categories take into account mechanical strength, and looping requirements.

Stud Bumping Gold Wires Specially developed gold wires are available for all applications including Standard Stud, Coined, and Stacked Bumps. Our wires deliver consistent bump height and long-term bond stability.

Wedge Bonding Gold Wires Our wedge bonding wires are designed to produce low, consistent loop profiles achieving consistent impedance in high frequency applications. 

Aluminium Fine Bonding Wires

High purity fine aluminium alloy bonding wires offer a fantastic way to keep your costs under control. The Heraeus manufactured small diameter wires are made from high quality 99% aluminium and 1% silicon. Engineered for use in motor vehicles and electronics, these wires are best for signal transmission and processing. Providing a cost savvy way to create effective bonds at room temperature, these wires are perfect for creating high integrity bonds and help prevent damage to sensitive devices.

Available in three different hardness grades and providing excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, these wires are suitable for a wide range of wedge bonding applications.

Fine Bonding Ribbons

We offer a range of precious and non-precious Heraeus manufactured fine bonding ribbons. These ribbons are available in gold, silver, platinum and copper, other materials are available upon request.

Gold bonding ribbons are specifically engineered for high reliability in many applications, including microwave devices and high frequency applications. They take advantage of the “skin effect”, when using high frequency signals, most of the flow is on the surface.

Exacting manufacturing specifications produce bonding ribbons that have a homogeneous composition, stable mechanical properties, smooth surfaces and consistent widths, insuring a minimizing of snagging in bonding.

The ribbons we supply start life as 99.99% pure aluminium. Doping with carefully controlled additives allows for high purity, while production ribbons that exhibit precise dimensions, exacting mechanical characteristics and looping behaviour.

Aluminium for Power Applications

Heraeus manufactured heavy aluminium bonding wires and ribbons are engineered for a variety of purposes and provide excellent power delivery. Our aluminium wire offers double the current carrying capabilities of cooper per gram and are highly reliable and provide excellent performance.

We offer a full range of high purity heavy wires which are suitable for low current applications, while the large cross section ribbons are perfect for high power transmission.

Available in extra-long lengths and offering a wide range of types, Heraeus High purity wires and ribbons offer a wide bonding process window, while providing reliability for your electronics.


Aluminium Bonding Ribbons for Power Electronics


Fact Sheets:

High purity and best bonding performance wires with high reliability:

  AluBond Pure H11


Corrosion-resistant types (Al-CR)

  AluBond Prime H14CR

  AluBond Prime Ribbon


Creep-resistant and high-strength wire types

  AluBond Plus


Large Diameter Aluminum Wedge Bonding Wire

  AluBond Al W49P FactSheet

  AluBond Al W49P Data Sheet


Copper Core Aluminium

Our Heraeus manufactured copper core aluminium is marketed as CucorAl. It is a composite wire featuring a high quality copper core with an aluminium outer shell. The mix of the two metals provides excellent electrical transfer while maintaining mechanical properties.

With a copper core comprising 50 percent of the volume, good bonding is achieved thanks to the softness of the aluminium, while the copper produces excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Cooper core aluminium wire can be used with traditional aluminium bonding equipment, provides a reliable bonding window, without changes to the chip metallization.

Engineered to withstand high power density and switching frequencies, while operating at high temperatures (up to 200c), and providing lasting reliability, up to 5 times that of aluminium.

Other Wires

AgCoat Prime: Gold Coated Silver Bonding Wires

AgCoat is a Gold-Coated Silver Bonding Wire, is a great alternative for gold wire, for use in the memory, LED and Smartcard Markets offering high performance at lower costs, without the need to change production equipment. AgCoat offers a longer shelf life than silver wires (60 days).


Fact Sheets:

Ag Coat Prime Factsheet

Silver Bonding Wires

Silver bonding wire offers a significant cost reduction compared to gold, they are suitable for fine structures and ultra-fine pitch. Suitable for use with sensitive or thin bond pads. Our portfolio offers wires for  general purpose, High reliability, Low resistance uses as well as wires tailored to LED applications.


Fact Sheets:




Copper and Coated Copper Bonding Wires

Designed to provide a low-cost alternative to gold bonding wires. Copper bonding wires are suited for very small structures and ultra-fine pitch. These wires as suitable for use in ball / wedge processes as well as some wedge / wedge processes. We offer pure copper, palladium coated and palladium with gold flash bonding wires.


Bonding Wires for Semiconductor Technology

Factsheets for Copper

DHF & iCu - Copper Bonding Wire for Power Devices & High-End ICs

MaxSoft HR - Copper Wire for High Reliability and Robust Bondability

MaxSoft - Copper Wire for High Pin Count and Fine Pitch Applications

Maxsoft 2 - Copper Wire for High Pin Count and Fine Pitch Applications

Maxsoft LD - Large Copper Wire Demanding 1st & 2nd Bond Applications


Factsheets for PD Coated Copper

  Pdsoft - Palladium Coated Copper Wire for IC Applications

  PdPro - Palladium Coated Copper Wire for IC Applications


Factsheets for CuPd + Au Flash on Copper

  Pdsoft - Palladium Coated Copper Wire for IC Applications

PowerCu Soft

Large diameter copper bonding wire provides excellent electrical conductivity, while producing long term robust bonds. Copper allows for thinner wires compared to aluminium and is great for power management in high voltage systems.  Copper exhibits excellent mechanical properties, forming strong connections with high loop stability.


Bonding Wires for Semiconductor Technology

Factsheets for Cu Powersoft

PowerCu Soft Factsheet

PowerCu Soft Ribbon Factsheet