Platinum Labware

GLC offers a comprehensive range of precision engineered laboratory equipment made from chemically pure platinum and platinum alloys. Manufacturing these to tight tolerances ensures excellent compatibility with your equipment. 

We offer range of lab ware and electrodes as well as accessories for the safe handling of these valuable items.

Used Pt labware still has value, we help unlock that value with our recycling program. 

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Our lab ware is available in a wide range of alloys


XRF Labware

Lab ware for manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic machines


Excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion



Used Pt labware still has value, unlock it with our recycling program


Pt Lab ware

We can offer a comprehensive range of platinum crucibles suitable for many processes including, aqueous chemical dissolution, evaporation, 
ignition or carbonisation of organic substances, and glass working. 

Our platinum crucibles come in both tall form and wide form and in a range of sizes. Extra options are available, such as the inclusion of a reinforced rim, this can help increase the life of the crucible by reducing deformation, or the inclusion of a pouring lip, which can also be reinforced. 
A selection of base thicknesses are on offer to best suit your work flow. Lids are available to suit most crucibles, these are flanged and have a grip for ease of use. We can also supply a range of special engineered dishes and boats, such as wine evaporation dishes, flower and sugar ignition dishes, boats and crucibles for micro-analysis. 

Lab Ware Care

We can supply a range of products to help you ensure the optimum life is achieved from your labware.
For best handling practices we recommend the use platinum tipped tongs and tweezers these can be supplied in various styles and lengths.
For casting plates that have lost their finish we recommend polishing, this is a service which GLC Alloys can provide or we can supply the right equipment to you. 


Platinum Labware for XRF Analysis

X-Ray Florescence analysis, XRF for short, is widely used in many industries for quality assurance. Some of these critical industries include iron and steel works, cement and tarmac manufacturing, animal feed and fertilizer production. All our labware is precision made and inspected to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing, the casting plates we supply are always smooth and very flat, ensuring they produce excellent beads for analysis. For the XRF industry pure platinum is rarely used, instead we supply platinum with five percent gold. The inclusion of gold in our platinum labware improves the strength of the crucible and produces low wettability, to ensure that the melt is easily removed from the casting plate. 
Our labware for XRF analysis has been engineered to very tight tolerances to ensure they fit your machines precisely, a good fit ensures a good melt.
We supply a full range of crucibles, casting plates and lids for most machines including a wide range of makes and models such as Claisse Fluxer, Eagon, Herzog, Katanax, Leco, Linn, Modutemp, PerlX, Phoenix, Vulcan, XrFuse. 


We also supply the full range of flux and additives produced by I.C.P.H. To see more about our separate flux page.

Flux for XRF


We have a range of platinum with ten percent iridium alloy electrodes. These electrodes have excellent chemical resistance and perform with a high degree of electrical conductivity. We can supply to common standards such as Fischer, Winkler, Wöelbling and Schöeniger.
All our Fisher electrodes are sandblasted, other electrodes can be sand blasted on request.
We are also able to source custom electrodes to fit your needs. 


  • Platinum – Pure platinum exhibits great thermal resistance remaining strong at high temperatures. It also resists attack by acids due to its excellent chemical stability.
  • Platinum-Gold – Stronger than pure platinum, the inclusion of 5% gold also acts as a non-wetting agent,  which ensures any left over glass is easily removed. 
  • Platinum-DPH – This grain stabilised platinum exhibits greater mechanical strength and improved corrosion resistance. 
  • Platinum-Rhodium – A small amount of rhodium can help reduce the weight loss which occurs when the oxidized layer of the platinum evaporates.
  • Platinum-Iridium – A small amount of Iridium can help harden the platinum lab ware, however this alloy exhibits greater evaporation losses.